Monday, August 6, 2007

Nakládaný hermelín

Niisiis, nagu lubatud. Nakládaný hermelín-i (nah-klaa-da-ni her-me-lin) retsept a´la Monika Klimentova Prahast. Kuna ta oli nii rõõmsameelselt selle kirja pannud, siis ma tõlkima ei hakanud.

Nakládaný hermelín

Hermelin (or camembert type of cheese, however the Hemrelin is the best obviously :),
consider 1 per 1 person in Czech style)
A small cup of crushed chilly paprika
Onion (shallot, red onion – definitely tastes better when pickled)
Barbecue spices
Provencal herbs
Oil (olive oil or possible to mix olive with sunflower 1:1)
Glass pot

Slice or cut the cheese horizontally and scoop out the cheese’s core carefully.
Mix this stuff with two teaspoons of chilly, pressed garlic (1 clove), pinch of salt and barbecue spices.
Mix it properly and stuff both Hermelin’s halves with the substance again.
After that put the half together and start to place them into a pot. The pot should be filled with oil and Provencal herbs, but you can easily do it after all the cheese is having fun inside.
Don’t forget to put one slice of onion between every two cheesy guys. And now, one bad news…you should wait 2-3 days before you actually eat them.
But it is worth it!!! It is not easy to say where you should keep the pot…someone says in the fridge, I would say some cold place, not fridge necessarily. However, I found the info that to leave in a room temperature is also recommended.


There is one alternative recipe and the more common one, I guess. Instead of taking the inside cheese away and mixing it with chilly and garlic, you could actually just half the cheese and spread each half (from the inside) with garlic, chilli, salt and spices. The next steps are the same as in the previous receipt.

Well my dear, I think this is all of the secret!!!


Anonymous said...

Hello Kat!

My wife and I are vegan and have been longing for Nakladany hermelin for years.

Well, just yesterday I picked up some Nakladany tofu at Country Life on Melantrichova in Prague. It was awesome!

So I started looking for Nakladany hermelin recipes online with the hopes of simply substituting tofu for hermelin.

I came across your recipe and started looking though some of your other posts. I have noticed that your English has improved greatly since you first wrote your Nakladany hermelin recipe back in '97 and wondered if you could go re-write the recipe with your new, brilliant English.

Anyway, thanks for posting.


Kat said...

hey george, this was actually written by my czech colleague who gave me the recipe :), i just copy-pasted it in (i think the explanation is in estonian, i had the ambitious plan of posting in both languages in the beginning). Is there something you can't understand in her recipe and directions?

Hilda said...

This is cool!