Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Waiter, there`s something in my ... savoury preserve

This is the first time I think of participating in any kind of collective foodblogging activity, so I´m doing this post entirely in English (the recipe will be in Estonian as well).
I hope my preserve is in line with the RULES (yes, they have rules).

So here goes - Waiter, there`s something in my ... pickled cucumber salad

(a´la Siims Mom)

super-thinly sliced and peeled cucumbers (10 - 15 small ones) / õhukeste viiludena kooritud kurkichopped fresh dill / hakitud tilli
chopped red bell pepper (half of a big one)/ hakitud punast paprikat
4 pressed garlic cloves / 4 pressitud küüslauguküünt
1 big onion chopped and 1 medium onion sliced / 1 suur hakitud sibul ja 1 viilutatud keskmine sibul 1 tsp of brown sugar / 1 tl. pruuni suhkurt
1 tsp of horse-radish / 1 tl. mädarõigast
1 tsp of strong mustard / 1 tl. kanget sinepit
2 tsp of sea-salt / 2 tl. meresoola

Mix the pressed garlic, mustard, horse-radish, sugar and salt. Then add the mixture to cucumbers, bellpeppers and dill. Toss. Cover and keep in the fridge for 24 hrs. After that put in jam-jars with the juices that came out. Keep in the fridge.
It`s a nice and summery alternative to pickles (and a slightly healthier one as well, especially for those who can`t eat vinegar) and works well as a side dish to meat or fish or just something to nibble on with a sandwich. It will not stay for as long as the vinegary preserves however (if kept in the fridge it will be fine for 1 - 2 months).

Makes enough for 2 appr. 500 - 700 gr jars.


thepassionatecook said...

mmmmh! katrin, this looks absolutely delicious! it also brings back some food memories which i can't place at the moment, but it's tickling my tastebuds and boy, does it feel good! thanks so much for taking part in this round of WTSIM! and here's to many more!

zlamushka said...


this is a gorgeous entry. I found you through WTISIM... round-up and I am glad I did. This would make such a nice present. Talking gifts, I myself am hosting an event that is dedicated to giving food as a present. I would love you to have a look and maybe you could come up with something? http://www.burntmouth.com/2007/10/spoonful-of-christmas.html

Katrin said...

Merci, merci :)
participating in foodblogging events seems to be a brilliant idea. So many new blogs to go through when in need for new ideas :)