Sunday, November 25, 2007

Elegantly wasted

I love dinnerparties, really. Love throwing them, love going to them. It's such a great way to get plastered :)
Some friends came over yesterday for wine and dine and somehow we ended up with an insanely posh menu. Initially I was planning to make some burgers, farely straight-forward, right? But then someone brough foix gras and someone else brought some moose-meat.

So we ended up with:

Foix-gras with red wine and brandy sauce and cowberry jam on toast

1 foix gras
salt + pepper
cowberry jam
red wine
tomato juice
1 tsp flour

The liver has to be room temperature, then it's easy to devein. After deveining I cut it into 2 x 2 cm chunks and seared on a piping-hot pan, 30 sec. on both sides. And that's it. For the sauce I combined wine, brandy and tomato juice, added sugar and flour, whisked and boiled until reduced by half. It was fantastic. And so easy to make.

Wild-moose-burgers with glazed oven-fries (and a fantastic bottle of Trapiche Medalla).

olive oil

for burgers:
salt + pepper
500 gr beef mince
250 gr. pork mince
350 gr. moose mince
grated Parmesan
salt and pepper
2 eggs
1 big grated carrot

for serving:
multi-grain buns
sliced tomato
sliced cucumber
one large onion
knob of butter

Cut the potatoes into sectors, wash, dry, toss in balsamico, olive oil, salt, pepper and sugar and bake in the oven. Mix all the burger ingredients, form patties and fry on both sides. On low heat fry sliced onions with butter, salt, balsamico and some sugar (to get nice sticky onions). Arrange into a burger, sit down and start receiving compliments :)

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