Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fathers Day

Went to visit my parents this weekend, mom had decided to make an old-school sponge + whipped cream cake and since I'm not a big cake-lover (or cake-maker, for that matter) we shared the tasks. She was whipping away and I was in charge for the meat. She'd bought some nice pork neck chop and this is what happened to it.

Rose peppered pork with mangetout and Dijon sauce

pork neck chop
rose pepper
Dijon mustard
1 tbsp flour
sour cream
8 cloves of garlic
one medium onion
some sundried tomatoes

I cut the meat into four peaces (5x5x10cm) and quickly fried them on a steaming hot pan. I then rolled them in mashed rose pepper and salt and layed them onto an oven pan covered with baking paper. I also tossed in some unpeeled garlic cloves (drizzled with the olive oil from the jar of sun-dried tomatoes) some sectord of onion and put some sun-dried tomatoes on each peace of meat. I covered the meat with some wet and crumpled baking-paper and sent it into a hot oven (200C).

The mangetout I had was home-grown, pre-cooked and frozen, so it was easy - into some boiling water and then quickly on a pan to brown.

I made the sauce on the same pan where I fried the meat, first the flour with some additional olive oil, then 2 tbsp of Djon mustard, then some boiling water and some salt and sour-cream.

All in all, a bit heavy on using the frying pan (the smelly hair factor) but it was very nice and appropriately manly (you can't beat pork when it comes to boy-food) for Fathers Day.

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