Monday, November 19, 2007

Seafood in Tallinn

... is generally not such a good start for a post. We do have our Baltic herrings, yes. And lately it is possible to get some more or less decent sushi or a nice meal of fish. But a little while ago I was quite impressed.

We went to celebrate Siims B-day in a Cafe/Wine-bar "Tigu" (Snail). A weird little place in Kadriorg. Even though we're both from Tartu, we generally don't appreciate places that look like your old aunties guest room (and Tigu looks exactly like that), BUT, they served some really good seafood there.

I started with some oysters and then had sea-bass in prosciutto. And it was almost really good, almost as good as in Portugal. We washed it all down with a nice bottle of white frizzante (they didn't have vino verde). A very sunny-meal, as said, almost Algarve, especially if you wouldn't have needed to step out into freezing cold where the wind very nearly blew off your coat and then your dress before the taxi came.

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