Monday, November 19, 2007

sweet underground

One of the good things of having a job that takes you to Warsaw a lot is that you get to visit your friends. I get to visit Krzyzstof and Joanna (who're traitorously planning to move) and every time I visit they make food. The magic of a nice home-made meal when it is done by someone else (especially if they live in another country) is that it is always surprising. It kind of looks like something you would have made, and it might even smell like something you would have made, but it usually surprises you.

Last time I went to see them, I had promised to bring dessert and I managed to find an impressive pastry-stall in the subway (yes, I know, the whole concept of buying something that has not been air-tightly packed in a subway is difficult to swallow, but I was wearing my "I'm a tourist" rose coloured glasses) and bought some poppy seed cheesecake (which I later learned was two of the most popular Polish cakes merged into one) and some doughnuts. They sell a lot of doughnuts in Poland (the big round ones, with a filling) and I can usually understand enough of Polish to know what's inside, this time however, I found some that I couldn't guess. In the end it turned out, that whatever it was that the doughnuts were with, they didn't put enough in for us to identify it. Doughnuts with a secret they were then.

Oh, and now actually to the bit about the surprises of a home-made meal. Krzyzstof and Joanna made oven-roasted cinnamon and laurel leaf chicken with black-plum stuffing. And after we drank the wine we sat around tasting Joannas dads home-made liquers - cherry, lemon + honey and I never understood what the last one was. Something made out of small orange coloured berries.

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