Friday, November 9, 2007

Walk like a Lebanese (in Warsaw)

So far my experience with Arabic food has been scarce to say the least. On a holiday in Egypt they served some bland and sticky bean-porridge for breakfast and I've had some really good Turkish fast-food in Berlin (such a cliche) but that's about it.
Recently I went to a house-party in Warsaw and they had Lebanese catering. And it was SO good. Mezze (basically like Tapas, i.e. a bunch of snacky stuff to start with or eat with drinks) was especially impressive. The hot meals were also good but less surprising.

Some things I especially liked were:

Mujaddara - lentils, rice, onions
Muttabel - eggplant and sesame-seed mash
Tabbouleh - a salad of parsley, tomato and mint. I think we had two kinds, one plain and the other one with some egg(?) added in.
Tahini - like hummus, but made of sesame seeds. Probably has enough calories in one spoonful to feed a village, but Yum-Yum, how good.

I also really liked the thing that basically reminded me of a slightly spicier version of Boef A la Tartar, but I don't know what that's called, basically raw and spicy minced meat with (sesame?)-oil and pine-nuts.

And stuffed grape-leaves, but I've always liked those, so no surprise there.

Now all I've got to do is learn to make them (and find the necessary ingredients in Estonia). Any tips?

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zlamushka said...

Hey, I only had Lebanese once, but man what an experience. Fabulous. Would love to give it a try in my kitchen one day.