Sunday, December 16, 2007

Budmo .... hey

I went to Kyiv this week. Had never been there before and I liked it a LOT. Hope I'll have a chance to go back sometime soon, although I hear the best time is in spring when the chestnuts are in bloom.

Colleagues took me to a typical Ukrainian restaurant for dinner one night. Among other things they also taught me how to say "cheers" in Ukrainian, with everything that this entails obviously :)

The story goes that when the Cossacks sat down for a meal they all had to have a chance at rising their glass to something. So the first one started saying "Budmo" followed by whatever wanted to wish. Say health, or happiness or riches. Then the second one, the third one etc. And when they got to the last one (the colleague telling me the story said "When they reach the 25th" ... can you imagine taking 25 shots of vodka before dinner? :) he'd have nothing more to wish, so he'd just say "Budmo" and all the others would reply with "Hey!".

Vodka was served with black bread, pickles (not marinated with vinegar however, but the naturally sour ones) and ... tra-laaa ... lard. Again lard. I seem to be on some Central-European lard-trail :)

So here goes. Budmo .. Hey!

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