Monday, December 31, 2007

Eating out - Tartu - restaurant Kaks

I went to visit my family in Tartu over the holidays and we wanted to go and check out the recently opened restaurant Volga. Apparently everyone else in Tartu wanted to do the same thing and we were unable to get a table. So we went to another restarurant none of us had been to before - Kaks (Two).
The atmosphere and the interior design is very cozy and they've managed to fit quite a lot of tables into the rooms without making you feel like you're jammed into a fast-food joint and every meal comes with a side-dish of someone elses conversation.
And they served a very, very decent boef a la tatar. And the lamb my sister ordered was good as well, even though they could give the way they serve it a second thought. Whichever way I tried to photograph it, it still ended up looking like a pile of cow-dung (as you can witness above).

But this is where the compliments stop.
- They let us wait for more than an hour.
- I had a Ceasars salad that came without the Ceasars dressing. Seriously. I even asked the waiter about it, hoping they serve the dressing in an additional little bowl that he had just left in the kitchen, but no. This was a Ceasars without the Ceasars dressing and made out of murdered lettuce - flat and soggy.
- My mother ordered duck, which was supposed to be in an orange-cranberry sauce, but alas also came sans sauce and for that matter taste. But with a lot of fat.

Theoretically they also serve sushi, but they didn't have the ingredients that day and now I think it might be a good thing. Bad sushi always ruins my mood for days and so far I've never had any decent sushi in Tartu that hasn't been home-made.

So all in all - a nice place for boef a la tatar and maybe a coffee, but stay away from the duck (the pork was also bland).


hleen said...

I'm so agree about Kaks. Well...with that bit what concerns the compliments :). It's by far my favourite restaurant in Tartu and the manager knows how to keep customers.
Agree about long waiting time but usually the food is worth waiting. Besides above mentioned dishes I'd also suggest beef carpaccio and Chateau Briand.
But stay away from sushi!

Tuuli said...

btw, the restaurant is closed now.. they will sell it or smth.

Anonymous said...

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