Thursday, January 3, 2008

A midnight snack

So here's my lates concoction, a little something we took to the NY house-party. It stood it's ground against the traditional potato-chips and tangerines and the barely-edible supermarket potato-salad :)

Sun-dried tomato turkey and cherry-tomato skewers
sun dried tomatoes
olive-oil (from the same jar)
paprika powder
cherry tomatoes and / or pickled mushrooms
fresh basil leaves

Chop the sun-dried tomatoes, smother the turkey with them, oil and salt and leave for an hour. Fry until golden brown then cover and reduce heat until they're not red in the middle any more. Cut into nice chunks and arrange onto skewers with cherry-tomatoes and basil leaves.

Teryaki salmon and cantaloupe skewers

salmon steaks
brown sugar

Mix soy, mirin and sugar, smother the salmon and leave for 45 minutes. Fry the salmon with (add some sauce when turning the steaks). Carefully cut into chunks (follow the structure of the meat otherwise they'll fall apart). Peel and cut the cantaloupe and arrange on the skewers with either small pieces of leek or lime.

Happy New Year.

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