Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Another soup. Siim said it sounds like a curse word in Finnish, you've got to hand it to him for imagination :-) but it's actually from the south of France and I got inspired to try it from the Soup Bible.

However, it seems that the Soup Bible is a bit confused, as it suggests adding pesto, whereas the name of the soup comes from the sauce called pistou, and which, although quite similar to pesto in terms of ingredients, is lacking the pine-nuts, therefore is not actually pesto. But this I didn't know, when making the soup, and it tastes good no matter the pesto, actually all the better thanks to the pesto :)

Soup au Pistou with Camembert

diced courgette
diced potato
diced carrot
chopped shallot
can of crushed tomatoes
small pasta shapes (I'd say it's optional)
pesto (a lot, 5 tbsp)
chopped sun-dried tomatoes
cheese to serve

It's pretty straight-forward, as usually with soups. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Add the pesto and the sun-dried tomatoes at the end. The orginal recipe calls for Parmesan-shavings for serving, but I was out. I did however have some very nice Camembert, and what do you know, it went with the soup nicely.

During my little online-background check I also found a curious detail. Wolfgang Puck apparently has a pistou-soup recipe, in his "Spectacular Soups" series. And he uses leek and celery! But Pistou is a traditional summer soup. And the French, they have rules when it comes to food. You can meddle with all the ingredients as long as you don't reach your greedy little hands towards anything that can't be classified a summer-veggie. Like say, leek. Ha-ha!

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