Sunday, January 13, 2008

You win some, you lose some

I lost a bet recently - we wagered a dinner at a restaurant called House. It used to be called SushiHouse and it also used to be the best sushi place in Tallinn, now the quality seems to have evened out. Incidentally, the bet I lost was also about sushi (very embarassing indeed). For some reason I had remembered that you're only supposed to dip the rice end of the nigiris into the sauce, whereas it actually is only the fish end.

But it was a very enjoiable evening, the food was good, not mind-bogglingly, but pretty decent and the restaurant all in all has a very comfy and friendly atmosphere. Smokers probably love it as they're not ostracized to the freezing winds out on the sidewalk, but can chill-out in a nice, well-ventilated room equipped with puffy sofas on the top floor.

Two of us started with sushi and followed with a dish from the warm entree's - a grilled prawn choice with romesco sauce. It was nice, the sauce was a bit too spicy in some peoples opinion, but I quite liked it. At the same time, I feel that the mangetouts were the best part of that dish, a pretty pronounced fact in itself.

Salmon pave and beef tenderloin also made their appearance and it seemed that the tenderloin scored the highest.

The beautiful picture of the romesco prawns is by Liis.

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