Friday, February 1, 2008

Carnivore's heaven - Prague

From Oslo, I went to Prague. For the first time in my life, I got confused in the airport, when the passport control guy asked me, where I was going. I had absolutely no idea. Luckily, after an uncomfortable 30 second delay of us grumpily staring at each other from the opposite sides of the glass, I remembered, and was let through. Only to terribly over-indulge on fatty and starchy foods for the following few days.

I used to think that going to Czech Rep. was just death by cheese and beer. This time, it was all meat. Meat, meat, more meat, some lard, some lard braised cabbage, and different types of "kniedliky" (dumplings) - made from white flour or mashed potatoes. All that washed down with some premium quality beer.

On the first night we went to a pub that has it's own brewery in the back, also a beer museum and a beer. Can't remember the name right now, will have to find out. I remember it was near Tesco's, because this was the point of reference in the directions given to us. There was five of us, we ordered something called the "Wedding feast" and we still couldn't finish it. It was a huge platter of pork, ham, duck, sausages, different types of dumplings and both white and red braised cabbage. H-U-G-E.

And the next night we were taken to a traditional restaurant, where everyone was stuffed already after the starters. Have you ever seen fried goose livers to be served in a pertty glass-jar 2/3 filled with thawed lard? Another noch in my Central-European Lard Trail Travellers belt :)

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