Sunday, February 10, 2008

Compliments to John Montagu

We don't really do breakfast, not on weekdays. Even my big love for food doesn't supersede the need to sleep just a little bit more. But we compensate for this on weekends.
We do huge breakfasts - pancakes, eggs, oatmeal or sandwiches (not all at the same time of-course, not yet at least). Often sandwiches, Siim is a self-pronounced reincarnation of 4th Earl of Sandwich :). He builds his sandwiches with such impressive care, precision and imagination.
And sometimes we go all out with sandwiches and I make the kiddie-favorite - the sandwich-cake. That's a lot of effort for some bread, especially taking into consideration that no-one in this household is 7 years old :) The last one we made was a seafood sandwich-cake.

Seafood sandwich-cake:
black multi-grain bread (4 slices)
white bread (8 slices)
salted salmon
smoked bream
lettuce leaves
sliced cucumber
chopped fresh dill
grated cheese

And then it's just down to layering it out. It's nice and juicy if you cover both sides of the bread with something creamy. It get's a bit too heavy for my taste if both sides are covered with cream-cheese or mayo, so I use sour-cream on one side and cream-cheese on the other. Black bread should go on the bottom to keep the whole thing nice and firm. I think it's typically made with only white-bread, but again, I think that one layer of black-bread just makes it tastier.

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