Monday, February 18, 2008

Easy like Sunday morning

Vertigo is one of my favorite restaurants in Tallinn, but so far, I'd only been there for lunch and dinner. Turns out they also have a special Sunday brunch service; a good friend of mine invited me today. It was great. Outside it was cold and windy, but since the sun was shining, we got the maximum kicks out of the view high up above the city in our warm glass box.

I'm on a good-Sunday streak it seems, last one was perfect as well. I went to see a wonderful photo-exhibition by Arne Maasik, he's an architect and a photographer and he's taken some breath-taking shots of Chicago architecture and printed them on velvet, which is a genius idea for anything that needs extra texture to it (like say, buildings made of different stone).

I think this was the Valentine's Day special at Vertigo, they offered heart-shaped cup-cakes, but otherwise the menu was nice. The slight draw-bakc was that many of the "Estonian babe + foreign balding guy" couples had turned out with their kids, but luckily the kids weren't too loud and stayed far enough for us to be able to enjoy our Mimosas :-)

They served sushi, frogs feet on a bed of Asian noodle mix, a wonderful potato salad with pancetta and home-made mayo, a fresh salad with prawns, some cocktail salads (herring, beetroot, mayo and quails eggs; beef, mango, bell-pepper), grave salmon, quiches, boef a'la tartar etc.

A very nice way to spend most of your Sunday.

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