Wednesday, March 5, 2008

(A)mazed in Prague

Another thing I can check off my food-related wish-list. A visit to Gordon Ramsay's restaurant - check.

Prague maze is in the Hilton hotel in the centre of Prague. The interior design didn't really impress me, but the "must-s" were all in order - the chairs were comfortable, the tables were not too close together, the bathroom was pretty and the service was really good. A little too good to be honest. The first course arrived before you had a chance to start missing it and a waiter was all over you the minute you took off your jacket. Just that the style (art deco) reminded me of the old Tartu University cafe before it was refurbished, so it didn't really make me feel all that glamorous. Plus, as a lot of the surfaces were dark and the lights were dim, the overall impression was greyish rather than softly-lit in a romantic way. Tut-tut :)

And now, to the food.

I started with a Poached lobster salad with apple and fennel. And was a little disappointed, it was a bit on the bland side and too oily for me (the dressing + the additional drizzle). But the lobster in itself was nice. And the lemon mayonnaise.

My main course (majority of the people in our table had that) was Steamed daurade royale with candied aubergine, bok choi and spicy tomato sauce. This was delicious. The fish itself was so tender but at the same time the taste was quite strong and with many nuances for a white fish. The candied aubergine I would have skipped or at least served in a different shape. The color, the consistency and the weird pile wasn't really aesthetically enjoyable. Bok choi had obviously been drenched in butter and was obviously gorgeous.

I also had a sample of the other main dish ordered at out table - Glazed pork belly with tempura of black pudding, apple, spiced lentils and crispy skin. This was also absolutely fabulous, but also super super fatty. Not an easy task for those worried about their cholesterol. But it really did melt in your mouth, and the "roses" they had made of the crispy skin were very pretty and quite nice in taste.

And then the dessert, in this one there was no commonalities among the diners, everyone had a different one. I had crème brulee (needed it for comparison purposes - it was royally good) with Granny Smith sorbet (too sweet). Other people ordered Sticky Toffee; Coconut Panna Cotta; Hot Chocolate Fondant and a Peanut and Cherry jam sandwich. (the dessert pictures are coming in the next post, as I forgot to reduce the size of the pics).

The portions are very well planned, you're just on the tipping point of being over-eaten when you are done with your dessert. Ofcourse then they bring these oven-fresh, hot biscuits with the cheque and bam, you're tipped over that point.

Happy drooling and if you're ever in Prague, definitely book a table there.

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