Saturday, March 22, 2008

Eggs or bunnies?

We're not very big on bunnies and hiding chocolates, but we're manic Easter-egg painters. We always boil about 30 eggs and it takes me, my mom and my sister about half an hour to go through them. Then my dad shows up and paints another 5 using the onion peelings and other traditional ways.

I have no idea who eats all these eggs every year :)

How to paint eggs using onion-peel:
a lot of onion peel (all of the loose dry golden stuff that you can get off them, if you don't have a lot of onions at home try getting some from the onion-basket at the super-market)
a pair of stockings or some rice-cloth
yarn for tying
if you want, some colourful yarn for extra patterns

Wrap each egg in a lot of onion-peel (the more you use the darker the color and the more contrasting the patterns), then in a piece of stocking or some rice-cloth. Tie it tightly. Boil for 10 minutes at least.
To get an even brown color, add in some eggs without wrapping them.

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