Sunday, March 2, 2008

Kindergarten memories

Starting a food-related conversation or a blog-post with mentioning kindergarten is generally a bad idea. It takes people back to the realm of potatoes boiled blue, pale gravy with chunks of fat in it, gooey desserts that stubbornly cling to the plate or pop off in a single bowl-shaped chunk dangerously wiggling on your spoon as you helplessly stare. And the large women who's role was to do the dishes, with their big, puffy, chlorine smelling red hands.

But some dishes they served on the lunch-break, can be quite nice and comforting if you use the real ingredients instead of their cheap flour-based name-sakes. Like bread-pudding or meatball soup.

Simple meatball soup

Frozen meatballs (the small ones)
2 peeled potatoes, thinly sliced
cabbage, thinly sliced
red-bell pepper, chopped
leek, sliced
parsley, chopped
a large carrot, sliced
onion, chopped
1 tbsp red curry paste

Bring the water and the chicken stock to boil, add the meat boils and skim the foam. Add potatoes and carrots, then onion, bell peppers and the cabbage. Finally the leek, parsley and the curry-paste.
It's really simple, light and smells nice. Nothing like the kindergarten lunch-break :)

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