Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pump it up

There's this thing called spring fatigue, that everyone who is from a cold and dark country always starts talking about in late February or March. Along with taking vitamins and visiting tanning salons.

So let's call this a Fight Against the Spring Fatigue Salad [FASFS] (even though it's actually a Thai / Korean salad and has a name in the local language(s), that I currently can't remember.


2 big carrots, grinded
1 clove ov garlic, crushed
1 tsp of oilive oil
some drops of sesame oil
chilly flakes
juice of one lime
chopped spring onions

Mix the carrot, garlc, oil, lime juice and pepper. Add in the chilly flakes and as the last thing a couple of drops of sesame oil. Let it sit for a while (or refrigerate for ~half an hour (but cover, otherwise your entire fridge will smell of garlic)).

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