Sunday, March 9, 2008

Thai food in Tallinn

There's a new(ish) Thai restaurant in Tallinn and we went to check it out Saturday. It's called Bangkok. Unfortunately it's another one that's in a basement, we, Estonians sure seem to like to eat in the cellars. I wonder if the modern anthropologists are developing a theory on that. Something on the lines of a miserable history of stealing food from the cellars of the estate owners. Also the interior design was a bit schizophrenic. It was mostly bamboo and other oriental elements and then for some inexplicable reason, the door and the railings were hand-made metal and looked a bit like an S&M dungeon.

The food was also neither here nor there, some things were very good.

For example my som tam (spicy carrot) salad and my friend's tom kha pla (fish, mushroom and coconut milk) soup. At the same time our khao pad goong (rice with prawns) and the pad see-iew moo (fored rice-noodles with pork and veggies) were really very average at the most.

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