Sunday, March 30, 2008

Walk like an elephant

One of my favorite restaurants in Tallinn is Elevant (Elephant). It's an Indian restaurant, with a really good atmosphere and really good food. As I've never been to India I kind of expected it to be an Estonian take on Indian food, but I took some very well-travelled colleagues there once, and they were very impressed, so I guess it has a wider stamp of approval than just me.

We went there today with a bunch of friends for a really nice, slow Sunday lunch.
I had a Bada chingra kathi kabab (a kathi kabab with tiger prawns), which was really good, although too big, so I ended up eating only the filling. But who needs the bread anyways.

A friend of mine had Machi pakora (salmon in chick-pea batter), which she also liked a lot. With extra mint-sauce.

Another friend had a very impressive looking Paneer dish (soft Indian cheese). And then a classical Chicken Tikka Masala and Machi dahi (white fish in a yoghurt sauce) were also had, but those pictures weren't any good.

In any case, if you're hungry in Tallinn, Elephant's your friend.

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