Wednesday, April 2, 2008

C'ets la vie

There's this new(ish) French Champagne restaurant called C'est la vie in Tallinn. So far I had only been to the cafe-bit, it's upstairs and despite the uncomfortably small tables, serves a very decent cheese-cake.
So now I went to the restaurant part (which, typically for Tallinn, is in the basement, and if in the winter you're really not bothered that much, then on a day when you see the sun for the first time over 6 months, it's not such a brilliant idea).

I don't like the interior design at all. The walls are upholstered with weird light yellow upholstery that gives it a bit of a mad-house or a submarine feeling, the latter of which is increased by the monotonous low hum of a ventilation system.
The service was good, apart from the fact that they could have sent an additional waiter / waitress to help out with bringing out the dishes as there was about 15 of us.

I had roasted Tuna with baby-zucchini, crayfish sauce and salmon roe. The sauce was really good. The zucchini was good, but I guess it's pretty hard to ruin. But the tuna, my favorite tuna, was SUCH a disappointment. Nobody asked me how I wanted it done and it arrived in a state they called medium, but I'd definitely call well-done.

And for dessert I decided to skip my traditional test of creme brulee and went for the Chocolate Fondant, just see how it compared to the one I recently made according to GR's recipe. Alas, the comparison was not kind on the C'est la vie fondant. It was cooked perfectly, but for some mind-boggling reason they had stuffed the poor thing with nuts. And not any nuts. Peanuts. Now can you imagine this? A gentle, gooey fondant and in-your face "wanna beer, pal?" peanuts. Ahh. Sad.
And it came with an intolerably sweet and half melted champagne sorbet.

But, others had more luck.
The feedback was very very good on the onion and garlic soup with roasted game, also on the parsnip-leek puree soup with wild smoked venison meat.
And the pan-fried pike-perch with pumpkin puree and chantarelle sauce received a raving review.

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