Thursday, April 3, 2008

Hello Spring

So I have decided. April is gonna be a homage to the bikini season looming in the future. It's gonna be Food Good to Eat Light (which reminds me of a line a friend of mine read to me from a Kathy Lette book called "Nip and Tuck" (I think), which went something like "She was 89% personality free, Bimbo Light version").
Anyway, to the point. I've decided to challenge myself to cooking (and eating, hopefully) stuff that can be categorized as light and healthy for the month of April (apart, obviously, from an occasional restaurant or a Sunday morning Pancake Parade, life is life, you know).

So here we go - April Light vol 1 - Tangy Beetroot soup with a poached egg

- 1 beetroot, peeled and cubed
- 300 gr sauerkraut
- 1 onion, peeled and chopped
- 1 carrot, peeled and sliced
- 1 can of tomatoes (crushed or not, doesn't really matter)
- 5 juniper berries
- 5 cloves
- some dried thyme
- salt
- 1 tsp honey

Boil the beetroot, carrot, onion, juniper berries and cloves. When they're almost soft add the sauerkraut and the tomatoes, honey and thyme. Boil, cool, blitz in a blender.

If you're not a lover of strong tangy tastes (I occasionally have a palette of a pregnant person, I can eat a jar of pickles in a go, honestly), then use 200 gr of sauerkraut and half a can of tomatoes and add either a potato or a zucchini.

Serve with a poached egg. Incidentally, I had never poached an egg before. I had a vague feeling about whisking the water and vinegar, but luckily I stumbled upon this before I started. It is both highly entertaining (poor Delia) and very informative. The clingfilm version really worked. The inside was yummy-gooey and the overall presentation was nice and, y'know, egg-like.

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