Friday, April 4, 2008


In the light of the April-Light campaign, I've been making variations of this super-healthy lunch-box to take to work. It's great, it takes a while to eat, which means that you feel full, it has an abundance of different flavors and textures, everything in it is low-calorie, yet it doesn't make you feel sad and cold like an all-veggie salad with vinaigrette sauce for lunch.

Tuna and cottage cheese salad (makes one lunch-box):
2-3 lettuce leaves
2 leaves of a baby-cabbage
4 radishes, sliced
some cucumber, sliced (optional)
spring-onion chopped
2 - 3 tbsp cottage cheese
1/3 can of tuna (the one that comes in big chunks); substitute with ham for those who don't like tuna
2-3 black Calamata olives, cut into pieces
some lemon-pepper

Tear up the lettuce and the cabbage on the bottom of a plastic box. Then layer with radishes (and cucumbers if you're going for that).

Then cottage cheese, tuna (or ham); olives, spirng onion and lemon-pepper.

Don't add salt, it will make all the juices come out and turn your salad soggy by the time you're about to eat it. Tuna should be salty enough and if not you can add the salt at work.

And I've tried, it's possible to eat that every day of the week for lunch without wanting to kill yourself as a result. And without eating half an animal for dinner.

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