Sunday, May 4, 2008

Cleaning up the country

Like 50 000 other people we put together a team to go and participate in this big forest cleaning campaign called Teeme Ära 2008 (Let's do it 2008).

One could say that it is the biggest grass-root initiative after the Baltic Chain. And taking into account that the population of Estonia is 1.3 million, then 50 000 people who volunteer to go and pick up garbage that other bastards have illegally dumped in the forests is not half bad.

As we did it near Haapsalu, where my friend Tõnu is from, his mom had prepared a real feast of these great traditional dished you can only get in a house where people both hunt and fish.
She served:
Fried Baltic herrings in tomato sauce

Battered pike (just fished out of the sea the previous day)

Meat-rolls made of moose-calf meat served with boiled potatoes and a beetroot-cumin salad.


Unfortunately I didn't get the recipes, so this will be a mood setting post, more than anything else. And my virtual homage to the Teeme Ära campaign and everyone who participated.

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