Monday, May 26, 2008

Season's picks

They've opened a bunch of new restaurants in Tallinn that I haven't been to yet. DaDa (the same one they have in Riga, I've been to that one); one with traditional Estonian cuisine in a fancy suit - Kaera-Jaan; a fancy Asian cuisine one - Chedi. The list goes on and on.

But the new IT place of the spring seems to be a humble little eatery on the outskirts of Kadriorg. Tucked away in a small, unnoticeable street in an unremarkable wooden building near the Balley's Casino is a little cafe / shop called NOP (sorry the web-page is in Estonian only). The name derives from the Estonian word 'noppima' which means to pick (things like berries). It's a combined cafe and a shop for organic food, not vegetarian, just fresh, local, organic. The menu is tiny and constantly changing but they have their classics all figured out and add surprising twists to some.
I had a Ceasar salad - with the real Anchovies dressing and with additional Anchovies on the top (they're very accommodating and changed Anchovies for chicken for anyone who wanted). But I also got a bite of a divine tasting tomato and Brie risotto. Have been meaning to make risotto ever since.

Anyways, If you're looking for a nice lazy weekend lunch - NOP is the place to go. And after you're done, make sure you stop by the shop bit for fresh veggies or different spices and condiments that are otherwise really hard to find. I stacked up on wasabi nuts, tamarind paste and Cashew nuts.

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