Sunday, June 1, 2008

How to bring Portugal to Estonia?

Last summer we went to Portugal, one of the best holidays we've had and a fantastic experience in terms of food as well (I think the very first post of this blog is the overview of some wonderful meals we had there).
I used to dry a different sea-food or fish dish every day, but Siim stayed true to the sardines. They were lovely. Freshly caught, still tasting of the mighty Atlantic and just quickly grilled with olive-oil and sea salt.

One of the most common fish in Estonia is the Baltich Herring - it tastes quite similar to a sardine and looks just like one, just smaller.
But Baltic Herrings are never grilled in Estonia, they're fried, canned with tomatoes, marinated, but never grilled.

Well last weekend when the sun was out but it was still windy and cold, we missed Portugal so much that we decided to give it a go. And it totally worked. They tasted exactly the same.

Baltic Herring in sardinhas assadas disguise:
- cleaned Baltic Herrings (no heads, no guts)
- olive oil
- freshly ground black pepper
- freshly ground sea salt
- some baby garlic

Sprinkle the fish and the baby-garlic with oil and season with salt and pepper. Grill on medium heat on both sides for 5 -7 min.
Open a bottle of Vino Verde, take a bite, close your eyes and pretend you can hear the Atlantic :)

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