Sunday, June 29, 2008

I amsterdam

I had a lovely opportunity to go back to Amsterdam this week. For obvious reasons (work) it was less fun and less eventful than the last time I went there, but Amsterdam is Amsterdam. As long as you can dodge the bikers, it's great fun.
The first night we were there we went to a restaurant called Bicken (Overtoom, 28-30)near the hotel. The service was great (our waiter kept us nicely in the loop of the quickly changing soccer-scores) and the culinary experience was definitely a memorable one.
For those of us who always struggle to make choices, they had something called the 'Surprise menu', it came in either 3 or 4 courses and the only way you could influence what you were served was by listing stuff you DON'T eat. I listed nothing. And here's what I got.

A seared scallop and tiger-prawn on bruschetta and anchovies paste with some very nice pesto and sweet and sour cucumber. Unfortunately I've forgotten what the pesto was made of, my guess is rucola.

The main course was grilled sea-bream on cous-cous with Danish shrimp and a nice creamy sauce with lemongrass.

And for dessert we got carrot-cake with mascarpone cream and a raspberry served with a fresh strawberry-cream shake that was spiked with Sambuca.

And the great thing about the surprise menu was, that it wasn't a staple set. Some people joined us a bit later and went for the same thing, but their main course was sea-bass with asparagus, for example.
Must be fun to be a chef there :)

And then, with the bill, we got some nice sticky meringue and crispy cookies. A really good experience all-round.

I do realize that lately this blog has been more about restaurants and less about recipes, but this stems mainly from the fact that I've spent virtually no time at home, in my lovely kitchen. But July should be better, at least the first half :)

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