Sunday, June 8, 2008

Patio, Prague

Went to Prague again this week and it was wonderful as always. I had the best profiteroles I've ever had in my life (alas, no picture). They were made by a lady called Maria, who's been making buffet dinner meals for the work-parties at my Czech colleagues' for generations. I was promised the recipe, so I can try myself.

But the night before the whole profiterole epiphany we went to a really nice restaurant called Le Patio. (Narodni 22, Praha 1). Apparently it used to be a 3-storey furniture shop, then a furniture shop with a cafe for visitors and now it's a 2-storey restaurant with a small furniture shop inside.
We were one of the few visitors and it was really nice and cozy, the music was good and not too loud and the food was great.

Most of my dinner companions went for lamb, which they reported to be great. I had a mussel risotto, decorated with a generous cheese-crisp. It was so rich I couldn't finish it, but otherwise nearly flawless. The texture of the risotto grains, the consistency of the risotto, the level of taste and fragrance that the grains had immersed. Mmmmm...

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