Monday, July 14, 2008

Madam, we must have waffles! We must all have waffles forthwith.

I LOVE waffles. But the old-school flat and crispy ones that you roll into a cone. I mean I'm reasonably respectful towards the fat Belgian ones as well, as a breakfast option they're nice. But the REAL waffles, are the thin ones.

Unfortunately it has become almost impossible to make them. See you need a special machine. Every self-respecting Soviet household had one. It was usually called ESTA - a big, clunky, iron thing that heated up both it's upper and lower bit when you plugged it in and wheezed angrily when you put in too much dough.

My mum luckily still has her machine, for a couple of years she claimed, that she had thrown it away - it's lost its handle and it takes up an insane amount of cupboard space - but now she ‘fessed up that she still has it. So I fired it up last weekend.

Crispy sweet waffles. (K├Árbedad vahvlid.):
(The recipe is from a cook-book at least as legendary as the waffle-maker itself - 'Saiad, pirukad, koogid' (Buns, pies and cakes) by Ida Savi)

150 g butter or margarine
150 g sugar
3 eggs
375 g flour
0.75 l milk
oil for cooking

Beat the eggs with the sugar until they're a thick foam. Melt the butter or the margarine and slowly mix it into the eggs. Then add flour and milk (a little bit of one, then a little bit of the other) by gently mixing them in with a whisk. Add some salt. Let the dough sit for a bit before cooking.

Pre-heat your magic waffle-machine, grease it with a bit of oil and brace yourself for about an hour of cooking the waffles and rolling them into cones (you need to do it immediately, when they're still hot and soft).

Traditionally the waffles were stuffed with either ice-cream or whipped cream. Or for birthday parties the ends were sometimes dipped into melted chocolate.
However, they're divine with absolutely nothing as well.

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