Monday, July 7, 2008

Weekend in Copenhagen

We just spent a perfect weekend in Copenhagen. Went to see my beloved Leonard Cohen in concert (which was fabulous, by the way) and stayed for the whole weekend of wonderful sunny weather, lazy lounging in the parks, some new cute dresses, a night in Tivoli - in other words - the works.
(I'll upload a video ASAP).

In one end of what they call the longest shopping street in Europe (Stroget) on Kongens Nytorv square they had an international food market. I'm not sure if this is an every weekend thing, but I'm thinking not.
Apart from the Brits, who were represented by some weird pottery products with pigs and / or poppy flowers on them, all sorts of different countries had their stalls up and were selling or making all kinds of food produce.

Spanish sausages,

French cheese,

Dutch cheese

cookies (don't remember where from)

Dutch mini-pankcakes with Nutella,

Nuts and dried fruit

Belgian waffles, a French stall with Tartiflette, French pastry and baguettes, fresh fruit, you name it. So we roamed that, first on Saturday and then again on Sunday, eating dirty nectarines and cherries and tasting everything.

For reasons I will not explain here we ended up having lunch in the same place twice - in a little lounge with a nice outdoor terrace just off the Stroget - called Paparazzi lounge. They served the undoubtedly best French fries I've ever had in my entire life.

Beautiful, sizzling, golden brown fries, with white crystals of salt clinging to them, served with the house chilli-mayo.
The Ceasar's salad wasn't bad either (the sauce was great) and the La Dolce Vita Burger deserved it's name by all means.

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