Sunday, August 17, 2008

It's Vegas, baby

On and on with holiday food. Of course we didn't leave the West Coast without visiting planet Las Vegas - and it truly is a different planet. It's just so overwhelmingly overindulging in everything. Biggest hotels, most incredible shows, intolerable weather, all possible kinds of restaurants, etc.
In terms of eating, we didn't get out of our hotel, we stayed at the MGM Grand.

Out of the tens and tens of restaurants there we picked Trattoria Fiamma, a nice, kind of posh Italian eatery with trendy fireplaces (the slim ones where fire seems to be burning on the rocks, you know). Their menu wasn't big and stayed true to the classics, but the dishes we tried were impeccable.

Lovely buffalo Mozarella with ripe plum tomatoes.

A classic Ceasar’s Salad with just the hearts of Romaine lettuce.

And for the main course I had spaghetti with meatballs, which again, was just lovely.

We, of course couldn't leave without visiting Wolfgang Puck's. It was a week-night and we didn't make a reservation, but got in after about a half an hour (in which I made about 86 dollars of my 2 on the slots :). In terms of style, it was really simple, more like a bistro. The tables weren't big and they were placed a little too close together for my taste, but the food was good.

I had sweet-corn cream soup tomato salsa and what I think was Ruccola pesto. It was very nice, but the sweetness and the creamyness got a little overbearing towards the second half of the bowl. Someone also ordered chicken-soup, which surprisingly, was far too salty to enjoy properly.

We also ordered his famous pizza, which, apart from the fact that Italian sausage must be the most unattractive pizza-toppings on earth, was really good.

Besides these two we of course visited the Grand Buffet for some knee-bending breakfasts, had some great shakes and smoothies and some pretty decent Chinese at the food court, which they, for some reason, call the Farmers Market.

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