Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Food that's good to eat in Tartu, Estonia - restaurant reviews

Finally some luck in the good eat's department in my home-town Tartu. Have been to two new(-ish) restaurants recently and both were really good. And what's even more important, one of the two is a sushi place! So finally, FINALLY, after all those disappointments Tartu has a decent sushi place.

A decent sushi place for Tartu - Planet Sushi in Tasku shopping centre

Planet Sushi - or Planeta Sushi as it says on some of their corporate materials seems to be a part of some sort of a chain. Apparently they're also present in Riga, Latvia and probably in some other places as well. And good for them, their menu is very extensive and looks very beautiful and I think it's highly important for a sushi place to have a glam looking, glitzy menu with lots of mouth watering picks. As long as they don't have a rolling sushi-line at least.
The head-chef they introduce on the menu is Kasajima Shigeru, who's been born in Japan, so seems that he's done a good job on putting the wholething together. They have sashimi, nigiri, gunkan and maki sushi. They've assembled lunches and then they have some noodle and rice dishes on the menu as well. And a bunch of sushi-sets.

That's what we went for - a moriawase set called Matsuri to be shared by two for lunch. It was more than enough, I think it could be shared by 3 people as lunch easily. It consisted of Philadelphia Maki (with Philadelphia cheese and salmon), Unagi Onigara Maki (smoked eel, Philadelphia cheese, Takuan, Unagi sauce and sesame seeds), California Maki (Crabmeat, mayo, avocado, cucumber, fishroe), Caterpillar Maki (smoked eel wrapped in avocado with tobiko and unago sauce), Kappa Maki (cucumber), Osinko Maki (Japanese marinated radish), Planeta Maki (salmon, Iceberg lettuce, Takuan, Philadelphia cheese).

A romantic villa that is just so Tartu - the cafe and restaurant at Villa Margherita.

Another lovely dinner we had at Villa Marghareta, it's a small Art Nouveau style hotel, newly renovated that's about 5-10 minutes of walking from the city centre of Tartu. It's just adorable, a perfect place for a family dinner during Christmas. The atmosphere is very warm and cozy, the staff are welcoming and try hard. They actually gave us a tour of the entire building and showed us the rooms in the hotel bit as well as told us the story behind the building. How it was initially built for this lady Olga Natalia Margharita and she moved in 1919 and sold it on to a rich Estonian business man in 1924, who started a bakery there etc. The house is truly lovely. It is under the historic protection so they had to be really careful when renovating it but the results are remarkable. It is just so cute.
And the food was lovely as well.
I had marinated and grilled tiger shrimps, which I had hoped would be warm but weren't, but this didn't diminish their enjoyability.

My parent's had lamb-cutlet's with Dijon mustard potatoes. They both liked theirs as well.

S and his mom had chicken with spinach ravioli and mango-orange sauce and that was good as well.

For dessert we had creme brulee cheese-cake, gingerbread ice cream and Villa Marghareta ice cream and everyone left really happy.

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