Friday, February 6, 2009


After a little more than two weeks of parenthood, I have reached my first truism on child-rearing :). It's all about resolving irresolvable dilemmas. All the time. Every day. About everything.
But maybe more than in other areas, this is true for food. Culinary dilemmas all around.
Apparently most of the foods MIGHT (not that they will, but the only way to find out is by doing some human testing on your tiny baby, which is quite heart-wrenching, so one is inclined to just give up everything suspicious) cause either problems for the tiny-ones yet-to-mature digestive system or cause allergies.
And different people (doctors, nursing consultants, reflexologist, the Internet, other new mommies) have their own culprits to add to the list.

This is what I've been told:

1. chocolate
2. sweets
3. nuts
4. citrus fruit
5. apples
6. grapes
7. milk produce of any kind (the lovely cheeses, yoghurts, cottage cheeses, cream cheeses, cheesecakes, desserts, panna-cottas (the plain boring milk I don't miss, as I've never drank it anyway)
8. fresh cucumber and tomato
9. white cabbage
10. peas and beans
11. juices (all are bad except cranberry, but I haven't risked to try)
12. onion (and I LOVE onion)

These I've sworn off entirely. And this already has left me almost starving (anyone who's ever breastfed knows that you're half-starving most of the time anyway).

But the list, apparently, goes on.

I've also learned from a very highly recommended reflexologist that one should also avoid:
- all refined foods (this means no white wheat products - white bread, white pasta, but also white rice, white sugar etc).
- our physician didn't say anything about refined foods (although I must say, it makes sense, that it'd be hard for an 'unbaked' digestive system to work through refined foods), but she said that wheat as such should be used in moderation as it gives some babies allergies (gluten intolerance?). However currently I suspect that it might not be an issue for my little boy (knock on wood:).
- all the half-fabricates as they contain natrium glutamate - well this one is pretty self explanatory. They're not good for grown-ups either. But the tricky bit about avoiding them is, that if you have hardly time to blow your nose - not to mention cook a meal, they might be the only thing between you and complete starvation. So I'm afraid complete abstinence will not be an option here.
- garlic and other spicy stuff (apparently they can alter the taste of milk).

As I understand, however, it might be that some of the stuff will be let back on the menu, it's testing period for us. And even if not, it can always be worse :) - I'm not really complaining (or I am, but just a little). I've heard that there are mom's who're on a boiled potato diet for 6 months, so I've still got long ways to go.

Here however comes in another dilemma. I've read that kid's who get used to many different flavors via breast milk are less likely to be fussy eaters later on. So I'd really like to introduce him to the wonderful, plentiful world of flavor early on.. but will I dare. Or should I just start later on. But will it be too late then.
You see - irresolvable :).

And finally, for a foodie, this all is seasoned with the pitiful understanding that there is no, and for a while longer will be no time to cook nice things, but even if there were time, or someone else does the cooking (S's been starring in the kitchen), the options are limited due to the severe restrictions on ingredients and seasonings.

above photo from here

So - I find my joy in bananas. I eat them like a gorilla :). I only hope that my arms will also grow longer from this as this would come in handy in resolving the irresolvable dilemmas in other areas.

above photo from here
Over and out for now, and sorry that it wasn't a delicious looking meal with a recipe. But soon, I do believe that soon I'll be posting those again. (And I have a tiny backlog of nice stuff that hasn't been posted from before the big day).


Joie de vivre said...

Congratulations again. The only thing I had to give up was broccoli because it would give my little ones such horrid gas. But I had a friend whose baby was so collicky she could only eat meat and boiled potatoes. The only way to know is to try. Don't be afraid!

pixen said...

Congratulations! Your baby's cute! Well, I was scared stiff as to what to cook and feed my baby then. It's only after 3 months, I started to let him ate little bits of purée of carrots, yoghurt, rice, etc. Actually, I started with yoghurt..LOL. Some parents were scared to try it out but I did it without knowing that yogurt is given at 2nd stage after 6 months or so :-D My paediatrician said the food stages is just a guideline and yoghurt is safe to consume because of good bacteria that's essential for health and the milk already digested by friendly bacteria is safe for baby.

In Asian countries, we were brought up totally different from western counterparts. Babies were fed milk and also tiny bits of purée either homemade or packed. Toddlers were fed with bits of rice, minced meat or fruits. To western mothers, this is totally horror! I did notice though when my son was ready to have solids, he looked at what adults eating, following the spoons and watching how you chewed or swallowed.

It's all about taking it slowly... babies slowed down your pace of life. Safe bets? Always, test little bits of food... Remember each baby's different.

What I can say, I'm relieved that my 3 yr old son loves to try all sorts of food because I let him try out all. Latest indulgence, spicy food. It all started with tiny grains of cooked rice with beef curry from my plate. :-D