Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Breakfast from Space :)

above photo from here.
Ever since we met, S has been on the Sunday morning pancakes duty. First because he is so much more of a morning person than I am and second because I don't really like making pancakes. Well, he makes wonderful pancakes, the small American ones and large eggy Estonian ones etc.
Now that I'm (actually we're) on this new extra-healthy regimen (that'll hopefully be over in a month or at most two) it initially seemed like it was it for pancakes for a while. But we're inventive. So here are the blueberry pancakes S made recently. Alien pancakes as he called them himself (because of the color).

S's super-healthy blueberry pancakes (eriti tervislikud mustikapannkoogid):

2 eggs
~200 gr of sugar and lactose free wild berry or black currant yoghurt
2-3 tbsp of organic demerara sugar
1 tsp bicarb of soda
1 tsp of seasalt
organic whole-grain flour
1 handful of (frozen) blueberries

Lightly whisk the eggs then add the yoghurt, sugar and salt. Mix in the flour (previously mixed with soda) and finally the blueberries. Make sure everything is mixed well before adding the berries and just lightly fold them in, you don't want them to be all mushy.
Fry on slightly lower heat than you would otherwise and be careful when turning.


lisaiscooking said...

The yogurt is a great idea. Sounds delicious with whole grain flour too!

Regina said...

The pancake bug must be going around. I just made a healthy whole wheat buttermilk pancake I adore, I will have to try these too, you can never have too many pancake recipes. I'm not much of a morning person either so we just have them for dinner!

Sophie said...

Love it!! love it!! I am lactose intolerant, you too? It all sounds really delicious!!! MMMMM....Kat!!

Kat said...

I'm not, but people have recommended avoiding milk products or at least lactose for the first couple of months of being a milk factory for the little guy :)