Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy geese and foie gras

It's my B-day soon and my sister made me a perfect gift. She sent me some La Pateria de Sousa Foie Gras.

It´s fabulous. Absolutely fabulous. It's spicy and full of flavor but somehow less fatty that normal foie gras. It comes in abundance of goose fat for those who love the fattyness though. I know it's a lame comparison, but it compares to normal foie gras like pork compares to wild boar. It's more gamey.

And why? It comes from the wild iberian geese this guy called Eduardo Sousa keeps and he doesn't force feed them.
Check out this TED talk by Dan Barber the chef on the topic.

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Anonymous said...

Dan Barber's on a mission, and it's laudable. But those who know foie gras doubt that the Spaniard's claims are for real. And most reviews of its taste I've read are clear: this is goose liver, not foie gras. Hence its "gamey" taste. One goose foie gras farmer called it "Spanish spam." If you like chopped liver-- that's great. If you appreciate the particular taste and qualities of foie gras, know that the US farmers produce it humanely. http://bit.ly/120xTd

Eat & enjoy.