Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Birthday cake

My friend was celebrating his B-day last weekend and I decided to make him a cake. Initially I planned to make a Pavlova as I knew that he loves it, but then I decided that it's been a while since I've made something I haven't made before and I dug out my Nigella book (How to be a domestic goddess) that has never ever disappointed. Every single thing I've ever made out of it has been a success. So I was leafing through the cheese-cake section and realized that I had bookmarked the London Cheesecake earlier and never gotten around to making it. So London cheesecake it was.
It's pretty basic apart from the 'cook in a water basin' thing. But as the queen of cakes says herself, it does make a difference to the texture and it's not such a hassle after all.

And it was well received, everyone seemed to like it.

It also brought on (when I realized that almost all of the cake was gone without me having gotten a picture of it while it was ready) a ruthless conversation about my absolute lack of skills as far as it comes to photographing food (the B-day boy himself is a photographer and there was another one among the guests). Apparently my pics suck :D.
I'm currently trying to muster up enough emotion on that point that would drive me to read some sort of a 'how to photograph food' thing online, but so far ... no luck. I'm still completely nonchalant re: my inaptitude, so I guess it'll be bad pics for some more time :)

this photo's by Andres Teiss

I followed Nigella's recipe and instructions to a t (I only added some chocolate shavings to the sour-cream layer) so you can just follow the link to her webpage for the recipe.


Pille said...

Love Nigella, too - and have tried several recipes from the said book to a great success. (I do reduce the amount of sugar, however - Nigella seems to have a sweeter tooth than I do :)).
Haven't tried this particular cheesecake, however..

Kat said...

I'm completely confused this morning so I accidentally rejected Lisa's and Steph's comments but was able to salvage what they said - so I'm just pasting it in here (sorry).

- It looks delicious! I've only recently cooked anything from Nigella, but now I'm sure I'll be using her recipes more often.
(lisa) 2/4/10

- oh so beautiful!! I bet it was amazing! Wish I could have a slice now!
(stephchows) 2/3/10

Sophie said...

I also love Nigella's recipes!!

Your cheese cake tarte looks luscious, Kat!!