Monday, March 8, 2010

Utilising the X-mas gifts

So the pasta-makers turn finally came and I made my first batch of fresh home-made tagliatelle.
For the pasta I basically used the instructions that came with the machine and then I made a seafood Alfredo sauce to go with it.

Home made fresh tagliatelle with seafood Alfredo
serves 6

For the pasta:
500 g flour ( I couldn't find durum, but the recipe actually recommends 50-50 durum and regular wheat for best al dente)
5 eggs
No salt!

For Seafood Alfredo sauce:
300 g seafood mix ( I used shrimp and mussels)
3 tbsp cream cheese
a knob of butter (about 50 g)
grated Parmesan (about 75 g)
bunch of fresh rucola
fresh basil leaves for serving
200 ml dry white wine
3 large cloves of garlic
fresh chopped or dry parsley
freshly ground black pepper and salt

To make the tagliatelle:

Pour the flour in a bowl and make a dent in the middle, crack the eggs into the dent and gently whisk with a fork until combined.

Knead the mixture with your hands for at least 10 minutes. It's good enough when it doesn't stick to your fingers, if it's not right just add flour or mineral water. It's best if your eggs are room temperature before you start.
Cover the dough and set it aside in the fridge for a while (about an hour is the best).
Take it out, set up your machine and cut the pasta-dough into 6 pieces and roll into balls.
Start your pasta machine on the rollers farthest apart. Run the pieces through the rollers, 5-6 times on the widest section, folding the pasta top to bottom or side to side the achieve a long sheet slightly narrower than the machine rollers. If necessary add a little bit of flour between the folds.

Then pass it through the next setting twice and then once through each following setting until you reach the thickness you want. My machine has 9 different settings and I thought 6 was fine, although after boiling I thought that my tagliatelles ended up being slightly too fat, so next time I'll probably go up higher, to 7 pr 8 or even 9 which is the thinnest (should be about .2 mm according to the manual).
When each piece is ready in terms of how thick or thin you want it to be, hang it to dry a bit, you can hang it over a kitchen towel and an edge of the table or a chair or a laundry rack.
Let the sheets dry for at least 30 min, best if you have an hour. Then start making the pasta you want.

I went for tagliatelles and then you need to let those dry spread out on a clean kitchen towel for at least an hour as well.

And only then do you get to boil them - remembering to only do it for 2-5 minutes, as it takes a lot less time when it's fresh.

Meanwhile, after having twirled your thumbs for the first drying phase, you can get cracking on the sauce during the second one.

So in a large and deep pan, melt the butter and add the chopped garlic. Sautee until golden on medium heat. Add the wine and let it simmer for 2-3 minutes until slightly reduced.
Whisk in the cream cheese and add the seafood (mine was frozen). Season with salt, pepper, parsley and add the torn rucola.
Heat through. Stir in 1/2 of the Parmesan.
Serve over pasta sprinkled with fresh basil and more Parmesan.


Sophie said...

An amazing pasta meal!!

Sometimes, I also make pasta home made with the pasta machine. I learned it from Jamie Oliver!!

The little guy does his best too, I see!

Peggy said...

This looks so great! I'm definitely going to put a pasta machine on my wedding registry! =)