Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jumpstarting the MOJO in Paris - charging to 200 J...CLEAR!...

So, Paris - a foodies dream city. Right?
The lovely husband took us there on a mini-break and we spent 3 blissful days roaming the streets, shopping and, of course - stuffing our faces with every imaginable delicacy.

Here's a short overview.
As for my foodie MOJO, I see an inkling of light in the end of the tunnel. The Paris trip and some amazing Japanese cook-books I got for my B-day seem to be forcing me out of my culinary coma.

My first breakfast at a cafe near Bastille - Galette Ble de noir (Rye galette, I think, the waitresses frenglish demanded a lot of imagination to construe any kind of a meaning to what she was telling us)

a bakery in Les Marais

l'eclair cafe (coffee eclair, was delicious, obviously)

lot's of sushi places to choose from, this one is on Vieille du Temple, a lovely street in the neighbourhood called Les Marais

mindblowingly tasty onion soup, a restaurant in the Etienne Marcel neighbourhood

confit de canard (duck roasted in fat) in the same restaurant on Etienne Marcel

and finally, the orgasmic creme brulee in the same restaurant

the world famous Laduree bakery in St.Germain, the macaroons there are divine

les moules (mussles with home made fries) in a lovely restaurant in L'Isle de St.Louis

one of the veggie stalls at the Marche des Enfants Rouges (the oldes market in Paris)

Well... there's that. And if that doesn't help, there were the lovely escargot, drowned in garlic-butter, the fabulous cheese shop near Les Marche des Enfants Rouges, where we spent our first hour in slack-jawed amazement. And of course lovely breakfast croquettes in street-cafes, where tables are so small and placed so closely together that you're literally having your coffee with everyone there.
It was lovely. Really. Lovely.


lisaiscooking said...

What a great three days! Sounds like you had a fantastic time. And, I want that eclair!

P20 said...

you need to go back. and quick :). and i/we must come with you.

par the sushi (which i don't think paris really stands out) you've totally missed out on the ethnic side of paris... the lebanese, algerian, moroccoan... oooohh i can't take it.

Kat said...

yup, there's only so much you can eat in 3 days and we always happened to walk past all the cous-cous' and other mouth-wateringly aromatic stuff when we were already full. But I'm all for going back ASAP :D

Sophie said...

I am glad that your MOJO is getting back to you! We all feel like that from time to time,..that's normal!

Your trip to Paris was an ideal outing! It looks that you had fun eating your way around Paris!!

Glad to see you back!