Friday, December 3, 2010

Barcelona getaway

Thank you to those of you who sometimes leave me encouraging comments re: my lost foodie mojo. I'm working on getting it back, trust me. But I have a little treat for us all now - we just went for a long weekend in Barcelona and well, I'm sure it's not a big surprise that the food was spectacular.

Not to mention that I wanted to set up permanent residence at the La Boqueria market.

So my darlings, enjoy this visual tour around the eats of Barcelona.

Traditional Catalunyan tapas of grilled red bellpeppers, aubergine and onions with olive oil. This was a random walk-in lunch in a small restaurant on Aribau street. The food was lovely, as was the waiter, who told us, when we asked for the menu: "Ah ... menu? It's me."

Main course in that same restaurant on Aribau. Small 'sardine-like' fish, deepfried.

Cava, yum

Olives at La Boqueria Market

Salted fish at La Boqueria Market

Catch of the day at La Boqueria Market

Shellfish (alive and kickin') at La Boqueria Market;

Hard to keep the squirrel instincts in check at La Boqueria Market:

Wild mushroom at La Boqueria Market:

Fruits and smoothies at La Boqueria Market:

Jamon (ham's and meats) at La Boqueria Market. One really should go there with an empty stomach, because there are so many delicious looking kiosks that serve tapas and food. We were, alas full, so we had to settle for buying fresh coconut, cherries and all different kinds of ham and sausage to take home:

The absolutely mouthwatering starter of grilled asparagus with brie and with Romesco sauce at a place recommended to us by a friend. It's Called Aitor and it's near the Sagrada Familia.

S's starter of a wild-garlic and prawn scrambled eggs at Aitor:

S's main of Catalunyan sausage with white beans and home made garlic mayo at Aitor:

My main of paella at Aitor:

Another walk-in, a restaurant called Els Barrils, our tapas of cold cuts, veggies and salad and the spectacular sauteed wild mushrooms:

My splendid grilled baby langoustines at Els Barrils:

S's 'grilled fish mix' that he could hardly finish half of at Els Barrils:

I ate the rainbow at Els Barrils:

The mandatory, brilliant, ruby red Rioja at Els Barrils:

We also went to El Velodromo on Muntaner, it's a large, bustling, taverna style place resurrected by Carles Abellani, where we had lovely tapas of mixed olives and all kinds of other fingerfood 'Barcelona bombs' etc. I followed the same friend's recommendation and had a rabbit, escargot and pork-knee stew for the main and it really was so good you wanted to lick your plate. S had chicken and was also pleased. Unfortunately we didn't take pictures there.


Sophie said...

Every time we visit Barcelona, we visit this beautiful La Boqueria Market in Barcelona. I love all of the foods on display!

The food you savoured looks quite fab too! I hope you & your Mojo are doing fine,aka better!

lisa is cooking said...

Wow, just wow! What a fabulous food tour. I want to move into La Boqueria Market too!