Monday, February 28, 2011

Cranberry marinated slow-roasted pork and Boston Pie Bunt version

While grandpa was setting up the fort and both grandmas were entertaining the little birthday-boy, I was cooking up a storm. Why I thought a fancy-pants dinner would be an appropriate choice to celebrate Mini-Me turning 2, I have no idea. But that's how it went

I made slow-roasted cranberry marinated pork with potato gratin and blanched asparagus topped with creamy mustard sauce. For dessert we had Boston Cream Pie (Nigella's recipe) and (again for unknown reasons) I used the bunt-tin.

But it was all nom-nom-nommy.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lunch for mom and dad

We went for a quick trip to London recently (pics of some Thai and some kebob dinners to follow) and the SWAT-team of grandparents babysat. They did a splendid job. And I got to go see two movies with my mom, first at dropping mini-me off to their place and second when I came back to collect him (The Tourist and The Black Swan).

This salad followed The Black Swan and served the purpose of fighting the scary images left by the film quite well.

Heat-smoked salmon and chilly-marinated prawn on a bed of three kinds of greens with olive-oil and tangerine sauce dressing.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Foodie Mojo is coming back in a really lazy form

Apparently my Foodie Mojo 2.0 is a lazy lazy lady. She cooks and even takes pics but just can't be bothered to post recipes. I'm working on whipping her into order.

So here's the Lazy Food Good to Eat posting of this lovely Tom Kha Gai I made. With chilly and lime marinated prawn.

Yum. Want ... more ... now