Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Random observation of a lazy food blogger

I was planning to upload pictures from a (relatively) new restaurant we went to on the weekend, but just realized the food was so good that I only managed to take pictures of the starters, and had completely zoned out into food-related bliss by the time my grilled haddock arrived. So yeah, I need to go back *cough* *cough* to take more pictures of course *cough*.

So instead I looked through the few and far between food pics I've snapped and decided to post this under 'Random observation of the day'.

Chopped pine-apple vinaigrette is a perfect companion for a simple green-leaf and tuna salad. Honest to god. Olive oil, chopped pine apple, freshly ground black pepper and should you be so inclined a drop of good Balsamico.


Pille said...

Kus Sa siis mõnulemas käisid? ;)

Kat said...

Jõudsime lõpuks OKO'sse :)