Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo

High on the hill was the lonely goatherd ... Something really good happened to me, it turned out I know a guy who has an organic farm with his wife, he sent me a small sample of what's available - halloumi, goat milk cheese, local moonshine, wild boar smoked sausage and a chunk of cabrito - young goat's meat.
Now, I've never had nor cooked goat so I did what every self respecting Internet addict does, I googled it, found this really funny article and was quite sure I was going with tacos until I stumbled on this recipe. It just demanded to be made. Demanded me to start the whole cooking process at 9 in the evening as I realized that it wanted to be refrigerated before eating. So I filled the house with delicious cooking smells and only turned the oven off at 1 a.m.
But it is delicious. If you haven't tried goat meat, do try, it is very lean, very tasty. And no weird 'furry flavor' at all.

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Pille said...

Väga põnev! Ma olen ainult paar korda karrikitse söönud ühes Edinburghis tegutsenud Jamaika restoranis, ise pole teinud.

PS Kas seda Halloumi-laadset juustu valmistab mõni Eesti piimafarm??

lisa is cooking said...

Wow, I wish I could get locally made halloumi! It must have been difficult to sleep with the delicious aromas of cooking filling your house. Sounds like it turned out perfectly!