Thursday, August 4, 2011

Random observation of a lazy food blogger - fennel seeds.

I don't make burritos often, but every time I do, I'm surprised as to why that is. I mean they're delicious, super easy to make and everyone loves them. I have a friend who generally (at least according to his own statements) lives off beer, coffee and snus, and although he is generally quite appreciative of most of the stuff I serve him when he comes over, he was totally blissed out after eating it. I kid you not.
Well, part of it was of course, the fact that it's perfect beer food. The other thing was probably something I call the 'boy food' factor. I think there are no boys, who, from age 2 forward, do not thing that minced meat in a tomato sauce is not the bees knees (apart from the vegetarians and vegans obviously).
I also made quite an inspired choice of adding fennel seeds to my sauce, I think they really added a lot. Well and instead of plain let
tuce I used a new cabbage, baby carrot, fresh dill, oil and white vinegar salad.
Anyhow, yes. I'm still lazy, less lazy in terms of cooking, quite lazy in terms of blogging, but here it is.
A burrito.

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