Sunday, September 18, 2011

Best restaurant of the summer

Yes ... I am aware that it is no longer summer. Sadly. But I've been lazy and cooked some stuff I've wanted to post, so this wonderful food has been kind of left behind.
There were a couple of nice new restaurants that opened their doors this summer in Tallinn, but Leib Resto & Aed (Leib Restaurand and Garden) seems to be the overall favorite, especially in the foodie / foodblogger community.
And I have no choice but to join the choir. I think it's all about the produce (now here's an original statement), theirs just seems so ... so ... fresh. And, although I have no evidence to back up my claims, I do think that this is one of those restaurants who make their own 'basics'. For example they have this finger-licking-good red wine mayonnaise and I swear they make it from scratch. They just have to.

So yes, long story short. I had grilled lamb liver with red wine mayo and almost had a 'special moment' right there at the table. It was unforgettable. S had salmon and loved it. He also made the wise choice as far as desserts go, picking the rye bread creme brulee whereas I went for the kindergarten classic - caramel pudding - and it was ... well, quite like it was in the kindergarten ... slimy and not too impressive. But the lamb liver, the liver, the liver *fade out*

Yes... good. Go there.


lisa is cooking said...

Wow, red wine mayonnaise sounds amazing! I'm going to have to experiment with that.

Peggy said...

Red wine mayo sounds very intriguing! Both meals looks absolutely delicious =)

Pille said...

Leib meeldis meile väga, käisime paar korda suvel. Aga Põhjaka jättis veelgi parema mulje :)

Ja karamellikissell meeldis mulle väga - ei olnud ju üldse tatine (või noh, mitte tatisem, kui klassikaline karamelli-, piima- või kakaokissell olema peab) ja tegin juba kodus ise ka röstitud kaerahelveste ja sõstardega. Maitsed on nii erinevad ikka :P

Kat said...

I know, I'm obsessed with trying the red wine mayo. And it was SOOO delicious.

Pille - ma pole Põhjakasse ikka veel jõudnud, aga karamellikisselli osas võtan süü omaks, mul on sellega ilmslet puudulik seos lapsepõlvest :D