Monday, September 26, 2011

The lazy foodie strikes again - a KISS salad

My husband very rarely has any requests about food, the only thing he occasionally asks for is to make less food or not to make 'anything special' this week (for waistline purposes). So whenever he actually asks for something I get all excited (apart from when he moans about the overall lack of cake in our house on Sundays, then I skillfully ignore him).

I've mentioned that a friend has an organic goat-farm, right? Well, I buy goat cheese and halloumi from him, among other things, and S really loves that cheese. And one day he asked for a salad with the goat cheese: 'you know, with tomatoes and stuff'.

And instead of going all culinary maniac on him, I let the lazy foodie out to play and made him a Keep It Simple, Stupid type of a salad. You know, with tomatoes and stuff.

Also with goat cheese, Sicilian green olives, frillice lettuce, baby basil, onion, extraordinarily good Ladron de Guevara extra virgin olive oil and freshly ground black pepper and salt, of course.

I was asked to KISS it again later that day and the entire 250 g chunk of cheese was gone by the evening.

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lisa is cooking said...

The simplest things can be the best. The fresh goat cheese sounds lovely, and I like the olives here too!