Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Spicy pickled carrots, from Texas, with love

I have a lovely new friend from Texas and she sent me a recipe for spicy, pickled carrots. A recipe of her aunts, but she assured me (or herself) that it's not an exclusive recipe of hers, or even if it is - 'in the nebulousness of Southern family relationships, she's not even actually biologically related to me'.


I told you she is lovely. So here it is, with some minor adjustments. She said they just cool and then refrigerate it, but I thought it should work as a preserve just as well (I'm having a bit of a manic episode in terms of preserves and pickles this year, I blame it on the increased storage space).

J's spicy, pickled carrots:

~ 200 ml water
~ 100-150 ml. vegetable oil
3 tbsp of sugar
2 tbsp of salt
4 tbsp of 30% vinegar
3-4 arbol chiles- cleaned (remove the seeds)
~ 15 medium sized carrots (sliced into medallions)
3-4 sliced onions
1tsp. oregano
1tsp. cumin
1tsp. basil
1tsp. black pepper
a jar (215 g) jalapenos

Bring water, oil, and vinegar to a boil in a large saucepan. Add chiles, heat 5 minutes, add herbs. Heat 5 more minutes, then add carrots and onion. Cook 10 more minutes or to desired texture. Add jalapenos, simmer 5 minutes. Cool, then refrigerate if you want to eat them at once. I sterilized and heated glass jars and transferred the hot mixture into the jars. Sealed, placed under a blanket and dragged into my treasure trove (garage)the next day.

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lisa is cooking said...

I love spicy pickled carrots! They're addictive as potato chips. Lucky you to have all those jars full of them!