Saturday, September 3, 2011

They're everywhere!

It's chanterelle season and it seems that this year has been a good one in terms of mushrooms. I haven't made it to the forest myself yet (the plan is to go tomorrow) but luckily the farmer's markets are well stocked in terms of chanterelles.
A friend of mine came over for dinner and since my kid decided to fall into the creek by our supermarket about an hour before he was to arrive (and we were on a scooter-bike! Can you imagine scootering your dripping, muddy, lollipop sucking kid through the park under the disapproving gazes of the little old ladies?) I needed something quick and easy(ish).

Good thing I follow such nice food blogs, a quick search landed me on Pille's Chantarelle Pie recipe and that's what I went for. I substituted the cheese in the crust for sour cream - creamed cheese combo. I don't know if because of that, or just because I may or may not somewhat suck at pie crusts (I will deny everything) it was a little chewy. Otherwise it was pure heaven. Sublimely tender. I had made some cheese-garlic-mayo salad the day before so I used that in the topping instead of just regular cheese, but other than that, followed the recipe to a T.
Since Pille's is in Estonian, here's the translation:

100 g butter
50 g grated cheese (I used a big tbsp of cour cream and a big tbsp of creamed cheese)
2 dl flour
0.5 dl cold water

400 g chanterelles
1 chopped onion
a knob of butter
2 dl fresh cream
3 eggs
100 g grated cheese (I used a cheese-garlic salad)
salt and pepper

Crumble the butter, cheese and flour, add the water bit by bit (you might not need everything), press the dough into a pie-tin, pierce with a fork and pre-bake for about 10 minutes at 200C.
Clean and chop the mushrooms, heat on a dry pan until the moisture has vaporized. Add the butter and onion, sautee until the onion is glassy. Pour the mixture onto the baked crust.
Whisk the eggs, cream and cheese, season with salt and pepper and pour the mixture over the mushrooms. Bake at 200C for about 20 minutes, until the pie is golden and the filling has set.

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