Monday, October 3, 2011

Yes, we are very healthy ...

... when we're not gorging on disgusting fast food. And we do, sometimes. We really do. Usually at 1 a.m on Friday nights for example, there's this kebab place in my hometown *drifts off into drooly dreams*.

But then we're very healthy again - you know low fat, high fiber, vitamins, folic acids and whatnot. And tasty too. Nom, yes. Snappy, zappy, flavorful.

So during one of those healthy impulses I found this recipe via this blog and pretty much followed it. I boiled my own lentils, didn't use canned ones and I was out of Puy so it was ordinary green ones. And I used fresh cilantro not parsley. I think my dressing was also a 'lazy man's version' of the suggested one, it contained honey, lime juice, extra virgin olive oil, salt, black pepper, cumin (not ground), ground coriander, cayenne pepper, nutmeg and paprika powder. It had plenty of zing in that version.

And I topped it off with the uber-delicious local halloumi I get from my goat-herding (tee-hee) friend. I 'virgin' fried it - just some oil, no flour, no spices, no honey.


Pille said...

Oi, see kõlab nüüd küll väga maitsvalt :)

lisa is cooking said...

I love lentils for a healthy meal! They look delicious with the haloumi. I'm still jealous of your fresh, local haloumi!

sophiesfoodiefiles said...

MMMMMMM,...what a lovely salad to enjoy indeed!

The salad looks wonderful! :)