Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bordoo @ Tallinn

I am being an extraordinarily lazy blogger, then again I have been doing this from 2007, so perhaps it's understandable. Writing out recipes and to-do's or every nuance of every meal I've had at a good restaurant just doesn't seem to do it for me. Or I've been ruined by micro-format social media tools. It so much more fun to instagram and tweet your food. No? But I have all these pretty, pretty pictures of uber-snooty-falutey food at the restaurant Bordoo in the hotel of Three Sister's in Tallinn, crafted by the ever so talented chef T├Ánis Siigur, so I thought it'd be a sin not to upload them here. Most of them came with ashes in one format or another. I kid you not. Very ... post apocalyptic. This was my main, venison in beetroot glaze with ... stuff ... I can't remember all of it, but the wild berry sauce was extraordinary
One of our many chef's compliments, he was totally experimenting on us (nom). Cheddar ravioli on a radish salad. I loved it.
Asparagus tartlette
A very pretty twist on an Estonian classic, salted herring with dill-ice cream.
My starter, I can almost never say 'no' to boeuf a la tartar and my god was it good. Also the lightly heated egg yolk stripe on the plate was a most impressive way of serving it up
Cod with milk skin. I was too revolted by the notion of milk skin to order this, but my Chinese friend did as milk skin is apparently used a lot in chinese cooking. and it was delicious.
Steak. Was good.
Dessert, the most boring and uninspired thing of the night, strawberry soup with a spongey .... sponge that tasted of oranges. Did I say sponge. Yeah. *shakes head* I have no idea what went through the chef's head when he came up with that.

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